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Have you been turned down for a car loan recently? But you still need transportation to get back and forth to work. Or take the kids to school and other activities. Maybe something happened and you lost your ability to pay for your last car and you lost it. But now you have the means to pay and you cant get a car loan. 

That’s what this site was created for. To help you find a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer near you. So they can help you get back into some transportation you can afford and get back on your feet.

There are hundreds of dealers listed on our site and we hope that one of them can help you get that ride that you are looking for.

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10 Best Used Cars Under $10K | Consumer Reports

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

The term “Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH)” refers to auto dealerships in which the financing for the vehicles purchased is done in-house. These types of dealerships are typically involved in the sale of heavily-used cars, and they tend to cater to customers with relatively poor credit ratings.

Pros of “buy here, pay here” dealerships

Bad credit accepted – Many “buy here, pay here” dealers sell and finance vehicles to customers with bad and no credit histories. They often advertise “no credit, no problem” and “no-credit-check auto loans.”

No or little money down – They may offer the potential to buy a car with no money down, or only a small down payment, such as $500 or below.

Simple process – Buying a car and getting financing at the same time, and making payments to the dealership where it was purchased, is straightforward.

Cons of “buy here, pay here” dealerships

Higher interest rates – Interest rates on loans from dealerships offering in-house financing can be much higher than those from banks, credit unions and other lenders, says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Bigger risk of borrowing more than the vehicle is worth – Banks and other auto lenders normally limit the amount they will lend based on the value of the vehicle, but a “buy here, pay here” dealership that provides credit for a customer’s purchase themselves may not do that, cautions the CFPB. “So you may end up paying thousands of dollars more than its value,” it says. However if you are unable to get financing for a car elsewhere this maybe something you can consider.

Loans may not help build credit – Timely payments on an auto loan may help improve your credit score, but most “buy here, pay here” dealerships might not report your payments to one or more of the major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Even if you’re keeping good payment habits, your credit report probably will not not see the benefits.

Vehicle GPS tracking devices may be installed – Due to the risk involved in lending to people with poor credit, some dealers will install a GPS device to track the car or prevent it from starting in order to repossess the vehicle if a customer misses a payment.

What are the advantages of Buy Here Pay Here financing?

People with low credit scores can be or even zero approved

Whether you haven’t had the chance to build a credit history, or if your credit is simply in bad shape, you may struggle to get approval from third-party lenders such as a bank and other credit service providers. However, as we mentioned before, when you pick a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, the standards for credit are much lower, as the dealership themselves will want to profit from the interest rates as well as the car sale itself. You no longer have to suffer due to your credit or very large down payments that no one can afford.

It’s a simple process

Whenever you purchase vehicles from a Buy Here Pay Here dealership, the entire procedure of buying the new or used car and financing the vehicle sales through auto loans schemes can be fully completed when you drive off the parking lot. With other dealerships and third parties, auto loan credit can take quite a while to complete, particularly if you have bad credit or poor payment history. Quite often, going for auto loans like this just isn’t viable for your situation.

Low down payment

Nowadays, a lot of buy here pay here dealerships won’t even require a down payment, even if you have bad credit. This is beneficial for you as it simply allows you to save some of your cash now, and make up for it with later payments. It is possible you will need to make some kind of down payment or even choose the options to help with the terms of your auto loan. You can shop around to do a market down payments comparison of the various dealerships and find the right buying a car service for you. Completing a down payment comparison can save money.

You may still have a competitive interest rate

Like we mentioned above, these buy here pay here dealers may be likely to charge you a little bit extra for this kind of credit option. However, should you have to go to your bank or one of the other third-party lenders with a poor credit score, or no credit history whatsoever, you are likely to walk away with a much heavier interest rate. A number of Buy Here Pay Here companies may be able to offer you interest rates on auto loans which are similar to that of conventional lenders, with low down payments. People who choose these fantastic loan options can often get the loans they require, along with great service, and select from a range of cars that suit their needs.

Need a great work truck? Bad credit car dealership Buy Here Pay Here Birmingham is your auto destination.

With a big variety of used trucks available on the present market, it is necessary that you find out how you mean to use your vehicle so that you might produce a wise financial investment, not throw away cash on attributes you won’t make use of or need. If you have an interest in finding sturdy abilities, acquiring a previously owned job vehicle can be an amazing financial investment. Benefits of Purchasing A USED WORK TRUCK? Trucks are made to handle harsh surfaces, strong towing, and intense carrying. To place it in different ways, they are built to last and withstand. Thus, buying an utilized work vehicle does not imply that your auto will not work for you merely because it is a pair years old and also continues to be set to work. Trucks currently can sustain an average of 200,000 miles per hour when compared with the previous 100,000-mile typical, and also with internet resources like Carfax, you have the ability to see your truck’s care background so it is feasible to ensure you’re making an investment that will endure.

Pickup truck

Buy Here Pay Here Birmingham, AL

Do you want to purchase your dream car and cannot figure out a way around your low credit? It can be so difficult to get loans from a financial institution if you have a low or poor credit score. Buy here pay here Birmingham, AL makes it possible for you to get a car loan and purchase a car no matter how low your credit score may be. We have in-house Financing car dealers in Birmingham, AL who are willing to offer car loans to buyers with low credit. Buy here pay here Dealerships in Birmingham, AL are close to you.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships in Birmingham Alabama

If you live in the Birmingham AL area, you can find buy here pay here car dealers in Birmingham close to you. We have buy here pay here car dealers in Alabaster AL. Unlike other traditional dealerships, Buy here pay here car dealerships in Huntsville AL, is fast and less stressful. Traditional dealers require a long list of documents, and this takes time and energy. And this does not guarantee that you will get the loan. These local dealers still involve a third-party

Buy here pay here Birmingham AL connects buyers with low credit or no credit score to car dealers. It is a big city, so we have narrowed down your search. The dealers have been sorted according to their location, it is easy to find a dealer in the city that suits your needs and is not too far away. Connect with a dealer and purchase your dream car.

You can get your dream car from buy here pay here car lots in Birmingham and surrounding areas. If you buy a used car, make sure the car is in good condition. The dealers will go through your credit score and give you the option that suits your finance. These dealers are lenders, too, so you do not need a third-party financial institution.

  • Choose a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer Close to You

If you want a luxury buy here pay here cars or used car, there is a dealer here to serve you. Your low credit is not a hindrance. Buy here pay here in Birmingham AL ensures that financially challenged buyers get the help they need to purchase their perfect car. But it is advisable to choose a car you know you can afford. Then, paying back the loan can be easy. We have information on the latest cars in the city you live in. So, you can purchase a car whether it is new or old.

Do not be confused; finding a dealer is easy here. We have it all sorted out. Just check the list. You will see their location; suppose you want to drive a car home today and make your family happy.  Choose a dealer not far from you because most dealers require to pay back in person. You may have to visit so, get a dealer close to you.

However, most dealers will let you pay by debit card over the phone.


Buy Here Pay Here Payment Policy

Buy here pay dealers will request for smaller down payments. The dealers ask what you can afford. You also should choose dealers with down payments you can afford. But many dealers here request about $500 Down Payment and up.

You can search for Buy here pay here Birmingham AL 500 down payment dealers. Then, you will see dealers that take  500 dollars as a down payment. Once again, this does not exclude those with bad credit. When you seek approval, the dealers will still check your credit score and give you options that suit you. The type of car and your credit score will determine how much down payment you will have to pay.

Also, payment policies on buy here pay here dealerships in Birmingham AL are usually flexible. Birmingham AL buy here pay here Car lots offer the opportunity to pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  No matter the payment policy you choose, make sure that you pay on time. Some dealers have terms and conditions as regards to late payments, and some do not. But, generally, paying back on the due date is best for your credit. It will help your credit improve.

We are not dealers. We only stand as a connection between car dealers and buyers with low or bad credit. And, with our list, finding the most suitable choice for you should be easy. Dealers enjoy the benefit of reaching more customers. You are one of them, so get your documents together, check the list and call a dealer now. Some of the documents you will need include a Driving license, Automobile insurance, Residential proof, References contact information, Proof of current employment, and Down payment amount.

buy here pay here

Best Sedans Under $10K

2002 Honda Accord  $2,900 – $3900  The Accord has been a top-rated car for years.

2004-2007 Honda Accord $3,500 – $6,800

2010-2011 Honda Accord  $7975- $12,000

Luxury Mid Sized Cars

The Lexus ES is comfortable and refined.

2003 – 2006 Lexus ES $4,700- $7,600 

2008 Lexus ES $9,000 – $10,000

Compact Cars

Mazda 3

With its 2010 reboot, the Mazda3 remained a top-scoring small car.

2011-2013 $6,700 – $13,300

2013 and 2015 to 2016 Nissan Leaf

Price Range:  $5,475 – $6,850

2012 Toyota Corolla

Price Range:  $9,700 – $10,575

With its 2009 redesign, this generation Corolla grew a bit larger and acquired a significantly quieter and more economical 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. 

2012 to 2013 Toyota Prius C

Price Range:  $8,750

The Prius C is an affordable smaller alternative for those who want a Prius hybrid for a little less money.

These were rated by consumer reports.



Top Rated Cars 2017 - 2016

You will probably be looking at a little older car at a BHPH lot. so here are the top-rated cars by CR.

10 Top Picks of 2017: Best Cars of the Year

Subcompact Car: Toyota Yaris iA

Developed by Mazda, launched by Scion, and now marketed as a Toyota, the Yaris iA proves that subcompact cars can delight.

Compact Car: Chevrolet Cruze

This redesigned sedan and hatchback bests two segment stalwarts, the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla, with an Overall Score at the top of the class.

Midsized Sedan: Kia Optima

The Kia Optima rocks the midsized sedan segment as a smart alternative to the me-too mainstream.

Large Sedan: Chevrolet Impala

The Impala continues to reign as the leading large sedan. Slide behind the wheel and you can see why.

Small SUV: Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester sets the standard for small SUVs, combining relatively roomy packaging, fuel efficiency, solid reliability, and easy access.

Midsized SUV: Toyota Highlander

In this competitive segment, midsized SUVs have to do it all well, and none do it better than the Toyota Highlander.

Compact Pickup: Honda Ridgeline

Innovation abounds in this suburbia-targeted pickup, proving that trucks can be both refined and versatile.

10 Top Picks of 2016: Best Cars of the Year

Car shoppers always seek the best car. How they define it may differ, and the buying decision certainly factors in price and pure emotional appeal.

Best Subcompact Car: Honda Fit

Thinking about the first new car for yourself or someone in your family? This Honda may just be the perfect fit.

Best Small SUV: Subaru Forester

The Forester is good enough to be the small SUV of Everywhere. It’s roomy, rides comfortably, and handles unflappably.

Best Luxury SUV: Lexus RX

Lexus created the luxury crossover segment almost 20 years ago, and its dominance hasn’t diminished since.

Best Large Car: Chevrolet Impala

The newest version of the Impala puts the competition in its rearview mirror. It proves an American automaker knows how to make an outstanding car for the masses.

Best Midsized SUV: Kia Sorento

This is a great SUV hiding in plain sight. Most midsized crossovers often feel like uninspiring errand runners. But the Sorento offers class-above elegance at mainstream prices.

Best Pickup Truck: Ford F-150

Is aluminum body construction macho enough for a big truck? You bet. By eschewing traditional steel body panels, Ford created a pickup that weighs less, enabling it to be quick off the line and fuel-efficient. The 2.7-liter turbo V6 has more grunt than truck traditionalists may expect.

Best Minivan: Toyota Sienna

Most people don’t dream of minivans, but the Sienna is super-reliable transport with all of the modern features an active, connected family would want. Its spacious and multifunctional interior, with available seating for eight.

You can read more about these top-rated cars here.


What is Buy here pay here Birmingham AL ?

Buy here pay here is a financing company that connects buyers with low credits to car dealers. They provide an inhouse financing system that helps dealers credit the buyers. With Buy here pay here dealership, you can buy a car with low credit. The dealers are also lenders. there are buy here pay here dealers in Fort Worth TX that can make your dream car come to you. Check the list of dealers for more. They have been sorted out by location. Contact any car dealer of your choice. The dealer will check your credit score and give you options to choose from

What is Buy here pay here dealerships in Birmingham AL ?

Buy here pay here dealerships Birmingham AL allow you purchase a car with a low credit score. The dealership is different from local dealerships. Buy here pay here dealerships Birmingham AL, renders financial assistance to people with low credit. You will have the opportunity to buy a car and pay it back without the influence of a third-party financial institution. It makes the process faster and less stressful. The dealership is close to you. Just check the list of dealers in Birmingham AL, and you will see the details you need. Buy here pay here dealerships are financial angels. 


Who can use Buy here pay here dealerships?

Buy here pay here dealerships are for you if you have a low credit score. So, if your credit history has been your primary reason for not purchasing a car, this is an opportunity for you. Fort Worth TX buy here pay here dealers are also lenders. They do not ask you to get a loan from third-party financial institutions like banks. These dealers sell the car to you and finance you to buy it. This dealership helps you to get an auto loan despite your credit.

How can I find a Buy Here Pay Here car dealers in Alabama?

We have listed the dealers here. The dealers have also been arranged according to location. Check the list, and you will find one dealer in your area. You will also find cars that are trending in your location. When you seek approval, check their terms and conditions and be sure it suits you. At it is easier to find the dealer close to you. You need to find a dealer close to you because you will visit the office often. Buy here pay here in Birmingham will help you find the perfect car dealer for your needs. Check the list and contact a dealer that suits your needs.

Buy Here Pay Here No Credit Check Birmingham AL

Yes, buy here pay here car lots in Birmingham Al is aimed at assisting people with financial assistance. If you have a steady means of income, you can purchase a car, truck or SUV that suits your needs. Buy here pay here Birmingham Al used car dealerships are willing to help buyers with no credit and low credit buyers purchase their dream car. So, for buy here pay here no credit check Birmingham Al. There are dealers who are ready to be lenders to buyers with no credit. Check the list here, and make sure you have the necessary documents. Your dream car is a click away.

What documents do I need to get approved?

After finding a dealer, your next step is seeking approval. And this involves some documents. Many dealers will ask for a long list of documents and may still disappoint you. But buy here pay here Birmingham AL will only ask you for four papers, reference contact information, and down payment. These documents include driver’s license, automobile insurance, proof of residence, and proof of current employment. The documents are easy to find. Although requirements might differ from dealer to dealer, these are the primary documents required. Now that you know the documents you will need to gather them up and pay the nearest Birmingham buy here pay here dealer a visit. Purchase your dream car and pay your payments on the due date.

Do you want to purchase your dream car and cannot figure out a way around your low credit? It can be so difficult to get loans from a financial institution if you have a low or poor credit score. Buy here pay here Birmingham, AL makes it possible for you to get a car loan and purchase a car no matter how low your credit score may be. We have in-house Financing car dealers in Birmingham, AL who are willing to offer car loans to buyers with low credit. Buy here pay here Dealerships in Birmingham, AL are close to you.


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Fort Payne

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Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers Tips in Birmingham, Al

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers in Birmingham, Alabama is more than a business to many, these dealers offer people the chance to save big money on their car. If you are interested in some finding good deals, find out what experts have to say about them in this article!

How Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers in Birmingham, Al works

If you are looking to buy a used car in Birmingham, Al, a Buy Here Pay Here car dealership just might be the perfect solution for you. These used car dealerships operate like conventional car dealerships, but you pay for your purchase directly with cash, check or debit card. Rather than going through a bank or traditional finance company, this approach allows you to have more control over your buying process and potentially save money on the vehicle you choose. Here is some tips for shopping at a Buy Here Pay Here car dealership in Birmingham:

1. Make a list of features and specifications you want before visiting a Buy Here Pay Here car dealership. This will help you narrow down your selection quickly and easily.

2. Consult with the salesperson at the dealership about available financing options. Many times, Buy Here Pay Here dealerships offer lower rates than traditional banks or finance companies.

3. Be prepared to negotiate prices if you feel that the dealer is not offering you a fair deal on the vehicle you desire. Don’t be afraid to haggle; most dealerships understand that customer satisfaction is key.

4. Bring copies of your current driver’s license, proof of insurance, and proof of income.

Pros and Cons of a Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers in Birmingham, Al

When shopping for a car, many people think of the convenience of being able to buy and pay for a vehicle in one trip. Buying a car this way has many advantages, such as the ability to get a good deal if you’re willing to negotiate and the freedom to test-drive the car before you make your purchase. However, buying a car from a buy here pay here dealership has its own set of risks and drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


-You can easily find a good deal if you’re willing to negotiate.

-You can test-drive the car before you buy it.

-You can get help from the dealership if you need it.

-The dealership is usually easy to work with.


-You may not be able to get a good price if you don’t have the right credit or aren’t qualified for the loan.
-If there is an accident or problem with the car, it may not be covered by your insurance.
-The dealership may not be honest about the condition of the car or what repairs have been done.
-If you don’t have enough

Benefits of Working with a dealer like this

1.You can get a car quickly and cheaply.
2. You don’t need to worry about getting a good deal or breaking the bank.
3. You’ll typically be able to speak with a salesperson in person, rather than over the phone or online.
4. The dealership is typically family-owned and operated, so you can feel comfortable knowing that they truly care about their customers and employees.

Benefits of Buying a Vehicle From a Dealership

When it comes to buying a car, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. For one, it’s always a good idea to buy from a dealership. This is because they offer benefits that are worth your while. Here are a few of the top benefits of buying your car from a dealership:

-You’ll get to test drive the car before you buy it. This means that you can make sure that it’s the right vehicle for you and that all the details about it are accurate.

– Dealerships often have excellent financing options available. This means that you can get a car loan without having to worry about high interest rates or adverse credit history.

– Dealerships typically warranty their cars for at least 3 years or 100,000 miles. This means that if there are any problems with your car within this time span, the dealership will usually take care of them for you.

– Finally, dealerships tend to be establishment favorites. This means that they have more clout when it comes to negotiating prices and getting discounts on vehicles.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Used Car

When shopping for a used car in Birmingham, Al. Please take the time to do your research. Not all buy here pay here dealers are created equal. Here are a few tips to help you get the best deal on a car.

1. Ask Around
Talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about their experiences with different buy here pay here dealers in Birmingham. While it is always nice to have someone to go off of, make sure that the information you gather is reliable. Be sure to check out reviews online as well to get an idea of what to expect before visiting any car dealerships.

2. Get a Car Loan Before Visiting a Dealer
Many dealers offer good deals on used cars if you have a pre-approved car loan already in place. This way, you know you are getting a good deal before even coming into the car dealership. In addition, it can save you time since you won’t need to go through the process of buying a car only to try and sell it back within a few months later.

3. Know Your Needs When Shopping for a Used Car
Before visiting any dealerships, make sure that you have a good idea of what you are looking for in a used car or truck.

4. Don’t sign up for a payment you can not afford.

Tips for Buying A Used Car

If you’re looking for a car, check out buy here pay here dealers in Birmingham, Alabama. These dealerships offer great deals on used cars and can help you get the vehicle you need without having to spend a lot of money up front. Plus, these dealerships typically have great customer service, so you can be sure that you’ll be taken care of when making your purchase. Here are some tips to help you buy a car from a buy here pay here dealership in Birmingham, Alabama:

1. Always confirm the price and conditions of the car before buying it. Make sure that the price is reasonable and that the car is in good condition. You may be able to get a better deal if the car is in better condition or if the price is lower than other cars in the same condition.

2. Always ask about any warranties or guarantees that are included with the car. Many dealerships offer extended warranties or insurance on their cars, which can save you money in the long run.

3. Test drive the car before buying it. This will allow you to get a feel for how it drives and whether or not it is suited for your needs. You should also try having it checked out by a mechanic.


When it comes to buying a car, there are plenty of places to go. In Birmingham, Alabama, there are a few locations that specialize in “Buy Here Pay Here” deals. While these dealers may not have the best selection or prices, they offer an easy way to get a car without having to fuss with paperwork or waiting in long lines. If you’re looking for a quick and easy car purchase, these locations are worth checking out.

At , we have car dealers who specialize in helping people to buy car with bad credit, low credit, or have been denied due to bankruptcy help you get on the road again with the car you want.

Banks and other lenders might not be willing to work with you to secure a loan. We have information on the nearest buy here pay here Birmingham, AL car lots and special finance. Our goal is to bring car buyers with a challenged credit score a step closer to their dreams.

Buy Here Pay Here Birmingham, AL auto dealerships will help you buy your car with any credit score or no credit score.  With Buy Here Pay Here Birmingham, AL, auto loan approval is the responsibility of the team.

You don’t have credit history, no problem BHPH Birmingham, AL auto dealership is not going to ask you. They customize the payment plan to match up with the customer’s requirements.